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Titan Protective Cleansers

Our mission is to keep you safe from potentially harmful environments.  The formulas used in each of our products were designed to fight off the toughest of skin infections.  Whether you compete in a tough contact sport like football, hockey, and MMA, or you enjoy something more peaceful like Yoga, Titan Protective Cleansers are perfect for you.

Body Wash

Defend yourself against harmful microorganisms, bacteria and fungus.Our all natural formula will help shield you from potentially dangerous environments while keeping you clean and smelling great.

Equipment Spray

Face it, your equipment smells.  Our equipment spray will deodorize your equipment and at the same time destroy harmful bacteria. Perfect for any wearable padding or even yoga mats.

Disinfecting Concentrate

Designed for use on mats and walls, our Disinfecting Concentrate will help keep your gym, wrestling room, or training area free of harmful bacteria. 

Turf Sanitizer

Field Turf can be a breeding ground for hazardous  microorganisms. Our Turf Sanitizer can make sure it's clear high stepping all the way into the endzone. 


Laundry Detergent

You exercise, you get dirty, you sweat, you smell. All that dirt, perspiration and stink get caught in your clothes.  Make sure your clothes achieve the same level of cleanliness you do.